Natural Bee Propolis
Glycolic Solution

  • Alcohol Free
  • Beeswax Free
  • High Concentration
  • Made in Brazil

Propolis is a natural product derived from plant resins collected and reproduced by bees. It is used originally as sealant to strengthen beehives. BEE RIO green propolis raw material is from the unpolluted natural forest between Minas Gerais State and São Paulo State located in southeast of Brazil. This forest has the world’s largest virgin forest plant species, is growing huge amount of eucalyptus, and Bacchus Ju trees which are the source for the green propolis.

Bee Rio Green Bee Propolis is made in Brazil

Due to the humid subtropical climate, the forest becomes a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. In order to survive, the plants in this forest produce much more natural antibiotic substances than other plants in temperate and boreal regions. The Brazilian bees must manufacture the most powerful propolis to protect themselves from tenacious bacteria and predators invasion. As a result, Brazilian green propolis composition is far more varied and potent than propolis produced in other regions. It is rich in flavonoid, phenols, anti-microbiological and immune stimulating properties.


  • Natural health food to strengthen resistance and improve the immune system
  • Natural anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, anti-virus and fungal
  • Blood glucose, blood pressure and blood lipid control, prevention of blockage of blood vessels
  • Anti-oxidation and free radicals